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最后更新 August 09, 2021
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  • Version 2.1 August 09, 2021

    VERSION 2.1: Sim Update Version 5 (Compatibility):
    - Adding Landing Effects (Snow, Rain, Dirt, Water, Ect)
    - Fixed Dog Button
    - Fixed Winter Kit/Skis Button
    - Added GNS 430/330
    - Added updated GTN 750
    - Added GTN/GNS Swap System Switch
    - Added a new Altimeter Set with working Kollsman Scale
    - Added a new Compass with working Bank, Pitch, and Direction Animations
    - Updated Calibration Knob Meshes
    - Add Hover information (Mouse Over) to most Gauges
    - Added Glass to all Gauges
    - Fixed GPS Disconnect Issues
    - Tweaked Flight Model for SU5.

  • Version 2.0 June 11, 2021

    Massive Overhaul Update!
    - Trim Sensitivity (Elevator)
    - Trim Sensitivity (Ailerons)
    - Flap Drag/Lift Scaler
    - Aileron Effectiveness
    - Elevator Effectiveness
    - Rudder Effectiveness
    - Landing Gear Compression
    - Landing Gear Animation
    - Heat Effects Added
    - Animated Dog Added
    - Various Engine Tuning
    - Added Realistic Stall
    - Tuned Overspeed Settings
    - Adjusted Blowout Speeds
    - Modified Contact Points
    - Integrate GTN750 HTML
    - Add GTN750 Betzel
    - Fixed Loading Hints
    - Updated File Naming
    - Re-Scalled 4K Texturing
    - Added Normals/Comps
    - Textures has been Overhauled
    - Working Autopilot
    - Memory Leaks (+20 FPS)
    - Interior UV Flickering
    - Weather Effects on Windsheild
    - Added Instrument Views
    - Add Copilot/VR Views
    - Added various Quickviews
    - De-Amp Engine Bass Sound
    - Stall Warning Horn Sensitivity
    - Various Model Improvements
    - Various Animation Smoothing
    - Windsheild interior/exterior fix
    - Fixed LOD 0 and LOD 1 interior
    - Pilot Node positioning
    - RPM Tachymeter (Gauge) Fix
    - Changed Base Livery
    - Removed Aerosoar affiliation
    - Modified Brake Sensitivity
    - Added Winter Kit Sensitivity
    - Aileron Trim Wheel MouseRect
    - Light Effects (Blender)
    - Added Luminance on GTN750
    - Altimeter Barometer issues fix
    - Takeoff Stability
    - Com/Nav Radio setups
    - Ai flight conrol settings
    - Phase of Flight Configurations
    - Electronic Bus/Systems Updated

  • Version 1.2 April 17, 2021

    - Trim Wheel Animation Fixed (Reversed)
    - 3D Model Improved
    - Texture Overhaul thanks to TwoSeventyInc
    - Removed Paint Kit (Still Available to Download on Flightsim.to)
    - Added % to Trim
    - Changed Trim Neutral
    - Changed Trim Limits
    - Fixed Oil Error, Standby Battery, Fuel Low, and More on GX Touch
    - Slightly Tweaked Overstressing the Aircraft

  • Version 1.1 April 15, 2021

    - Carbon Fiber Panels + Various Comp/Norm Maps Added 
    - Fixed Reversed Trim Animation
    - Fixed Reversed Left & Right Brakes
    - Increased FPS with Model/HTML Optimization
    - Added Bigger Heat/Exhaust Effects
    - Open/Close Doors with Red Buttons on Top of Yoke
    - Lowered Aircraft Engine Sound
    - Improved Carpet Texture
    - Fixed Carpet Flicker
    - Improved Miscellaneous Interior Texture
    - Fixed Interior Door Frame Flicker
    - Replaced GX Touch with Hype Performance Group's GX Touch
    - Improvements to Auto-Pilot's Internal Functions
    - Fixed GX Touch not displaying Total Fuel Quantity
    - Adjusted Elevator Trim Effectiveness
    - Adjusted Aileron Trim Effectiveness
    - Adjusted VR Camera View Settings
    - Updated Community Paint Kit to include Albedo, Comps, and Normals

  • 已启动 April 14, 2021




My Display/MFD is not turning on?

You need to download the GTN 750 mod by PMS50. There is a free "Base" version that includes everything you need to work GPS, AP, COM, NAV, and DT. You have the option to upgrade to a paid "Premium" version that includes weather, flight aids, maps, etc.

I recommend you download both the Base and Premium packages and install them directly to your community folder. That way if you like the Base version enough and want to upgrade you will not need to re-download anything. The GTN 750 mod works across all aircraft equipped to handle it.

Download Link: GTN 750 Download Page

The Tachometer on the Gauge is not matching the external HUD.

This is due to an issue that I haven't been able to find a solution for. Fortunately the RPMs read correct on the interior gauge. If a viable solution is found I will surely implement the small update.

How do I remove/add the Dog?

In the cockpit you will find a knob up top near the very top of the glass canopy that turns on/off "Man's Best Friend". It is the bottom right knob. You will see more information hovering over the knob.

How do I equip the Snow Skis for Snow landings/take-offs?

In the cockpit you will find a knob up top near the very top of the glass canopy that turns on/off the "Winter Snow Kit". It is the bottom left knob. You will see more information hovering over the knob.

Does any OrbX data work with this aircraft (Vice-Versa)?

Textures: No. Liveries made for the OrbX Edgley Optica will not work on Jonx's Edgley Optica. 

CFG/FLT: Possibly. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do not exchange any data points between the two aircraft's cfgs/flts. I cannot guarantee a working product and it may crash Microsoft Flight Simulator if you try.


Will there be further updates?

Yes, if minor fixes are reported, I will be able to address them in minor updates. As for the final version 2.0, I don't see there being a need for a 3.0 unless something is found that is game breaking in MSFS' future. Future updates may include Tachometer fixes, VR Zoom, Livery Updates, and various flight model fixes.

Will there be other types of Dogs and/or Cats?

Currently additional breeds and animals are not planned on this aircraft. However I am working on a "Man's Best Co-Pilot" mod that will add a doggo to every aircraft in the game (Official or Community). Once released, I plan on implementing more breeds and/or animal types. 


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150 USD

thanks for all your help Brandon! john



25 USD



15 USD

I just flew in Hawaii with the EA-7 Edgley Optica. Do you know how FREAKING COOL it was to fly in Hawaii in this? This weekend I will fly in VR in Germany, London, France. Thank you so much



10 USD

Nice plane.! Would love to see a cat livery. And maybe some other plane liveries but very good job.!?




Hey here is coffee, its a dog!! ☕???










good job




Incredible job on the EA-7 Edgley Optica!

















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Great to fly. Nice work

I'm sorry as it's such a great airplane, but I get frequent CTDs when I try to fly it. I tried sightseeing Washington DC. Choosing Andrews Air Force Base as departure airport, I consistently got a CTDs each and every time upon loading the flight, before getting the opening screen. Interestingly, when I departed from Ronald Reagan Airport, it did work, at least initially. But at some point (after switching to Google Maps for a moment, even though I had already done that earlier that same flight), I got a CTD again. This happened only after I installed the Edgley Optica (and the GTN750) into my Community folder (I had been experiencing quite a lot of CTDs since SU5, so I was adding add-ons one-by-one, it was only after adding the Edgley Optica that the frequent CTDs reappeared.

Thanks so much, lovely to fly. Works without any issues in SU6.

Can't get it to show up in my plane list, the instructions aren't precise. it tells you to create a folder structure and then doesn't tell you what to do with it. i've tried putting the plane folders in multiple locations with no success.

I like the beat up textures, the doggo is awesome and the engine sounds way better than the Orbx Optica however that is a personal preference as the Orbx Optica's sound is more realistic, being quieter as you'd expect from a ducted fan. This is all spoiled however by numerous issues:

  • Dash gyro compass does not function, although the tooltip does display the proper bearing (checked against the magnetic compass)
  • No knob to adjust the gyro to account for drift
  • Tach gauge is broke, shows the needle pinned at max, though the tooltip shows a value that appears to be correct
  • Fuel selector can't be moved backwards. If you are on Both or Left then you have to double-click quick to bypass Off to get to Right and you hear the engine hiccup because of it. Mouse-wheel forward/back like you can do with the Magneto key would be better
  • Full throttle, mixture 5% shows fuel flow at near zero but the engine seems unaffected, even at 3,000'
  • OAT gauge is maxxed and tooltip is also incorrect
  • Default fuel/weight settings, full throttle, trimmed level at 500' above sea level the aircraft will overspeed and break apart 0_0
  • The elevator seems really twitchy, and I already dampened down my stick's X axis because the Orbx Optica had the same problem but this one is even moreso
  • (minor) Cockpit camera clips outside of cockpit. This may have been a dev choice
  • (minor) Starting on the ramp the engine runs until you click to fly before it shuts off
  • (minor) In-game checklists would be nice

Fun to fly - some textures could use improvement here and there but nice over all. ONLY complaint - lower the engine and stall noise.. WAY too loud compared to every other AC I have in the sim. I have to lower the engine volume to 20% to make it match the other sounds of AC in game for comparison.

Habe das Flugzeug käuflich erworben -Transponder lässt sich nicht einschalten.

Wann wird das behoben?

Bitte um Info

Great airplane! Thank you!

You can find a short review here:


I'm having a few problems with getting off the ground the controls don't seem to work for me which is a shame as I absolutely love the look of the aircraft. Should the flight model be set to Modern or Legacy. Thanks

Love flying this plane with my furry copilot, especially in VR and you've done an amazing job.

I was anxiously awaiting 2.1 for the fix to the mouse pointer in VR. Alas, the mouse pointer image is still offset in the right eye, so to click anything accurately eg. GPS screen, you need to close your right eye.

My heading indicator is stuck pointing north and the S is backwards (the latter is not a big deal and adds character in my opinion).

EDIT: Just saw your other response to ZuluBravo re HI being autopilot (AP). Compass heading would be more useful as compass is a bit tricky to read in VR, and compass more represents the traditional 6-pack, your call. END EDIT.

There seems to be a superfluous static needle pointing to 0ft on the altimeter.

EDIT #2: Trained in VFR only and not used to seeing an altimeter with a 10,000ft needle. Duh! END EDIT

And as others mentioned, RPM gauge is maxed out all the time.

I think I saw a comment on Discord that you were discontinuing development on this aircraft, any chance of a small point release before you go?

With 1.18.15......

Optica 2.1......

the RPM gauge not working, always point to the highest RPM.

Dear Jonx,

Thank you very much for this great airplane! I would not have thought I would feel the need for yet another propeller plane in the sim, but I made an exception for this lovely gem. It is a great addition for sight-seeing. And it has been great to see the improvements over the different versions. With the first versions I occasionally experienced a severe framerate hit, but that is not the case anymore with the present one. I'm having the issue though that since the latest update, the gyro-compass does not move. When I hover the mouse over the instrument, it does show the correct heading in the tooltip, but the display itself remains stuck at a North heading. Does anyone else have this issue too or could this be a conflict with another add-on?

Kind regards and thanks again!

What is the different between you the freeware mod and the payware Version from ORBX and the marketplace Version...

I've bought already the payware version from ORBX

Many thanks for your feedback

What a lovely plane, thank you very much. I really like the cat.

Hi Jonx

Are you going to provide an SU 5 update for this great little airplane? Please!

needs an update. Auto pilot wont turn off

For some reason the plane is not flying when I try it, the plane is simply not moving. Did the newest FS2020 update break it? -> I have to correct myself, the airport was not flat enough, it seems.

After SU5 I noticed, that there is NO pilot. The dog is however. Also, the nav display is not working despite the instalment of the nav mod in community folder. Other third party freeware planes also suffer from not working displays since SU5.

Love this aircraft! I read occasionally there's a paintkit but I can't find it now - has it been pulled? 😊

I love it!! The model, the textures, the functionality, the difficult handling, the details... thank you all who made this possible!! We love you!! 😊 Looks like Ruffus is enjoing the flight, he only need to bark xD I made some pics, hope you like it,


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