AUSTRIA 20m DEM - High Resolution Terrain Elevation Data from LIDAR Imaging

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Version 1.1
首发 May 19, 2021
最后更新 May 24, 2021
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  • Version 1.1 May 24, 2021

    Changes v1.1:

    * Recompiled with larger falloff distance and better / more accurate projection algorithm
    Exclusion of many airports to avoid problems:

    * Excluded LOWZ Zell am See Airport
    * Excluded LOKG Ferlach
    * Excluded LOKN Noetsch
    * Excluded LOKW Wolfsberg
    * Excluded LOGG Punitz
    * Excluded LOGK Kapfenberg
    * Excluded LOAV Voeslau
    * Excluded LOAN Wr Neustadt east
    * Excluded LOXN Wr Neustadt west
    * Excluded LOGM Mariazell

  • 已启动 May 19, 2021






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Now i do love this DEM you know that.

Just flown out of LOWL - live weather and time (dusk) and there are floating lights all over the it me? Seen this before - but not on such a scale - the whole city at end of the runway o8

Can you exclude LOIJ, please?

Hi. I work in a datacenter. If you need some hundreds of vCPUs or some TBs of RAM for your mesh generation, leave me a message.

Today I flew from Innsbruck to Geneva with the Austrian en Swiss 20DEM scenery. Settings Ultra. Clear skies. I am happy and amazing about the quality. My compliments for this effort! No stuttering. Yes you see the built up of the mountains coming closer but that is normal behaviour of MSFS. Your work really makes flying over mounting areas more fun. Thanks!

Thank you so much my dear friend !!!

Hello again, reporting back:

yes, my rig is able to handle the DEM20 nearly stutter-free. I had some heavy freezes with the DEM10 recently, but i have to say, i had pretty rough weather conditions via live weather, gusty winds, dense clouds and partially foggy conditions, my windows and my ears were freezing, ... so maybe this had also stressed my rig a bit more than i used to know it. But also in "friendlier" weather conditions the DEM20 is a bit smoother for my framerates.

I am totally in love with the steep and narrow regions of Tyrol, my favorite part of Austria. The DEM10 looks a bit even-more-realistic there, due to the rough mountains. If you compare it to Salzburger Land or Steiermark, which is a "smoother", more "hilly" landscape, Tyrol makes it a bit more visible, when having higher DEMs.

A question, but don´t kill me for it:

I´ve seen, you use a 10DEM and a 20DEM for Switzerland. So there seems to ba a way, to combine different DEM-resolutions for sure.

I´ve seen some images at the website, which offers the sourcedate you are using. Differend heights were colored in differend colors. Like 0-500m in blue, 501-1000m in red, 1001-1500m in green... kind of.

Is it a way, to "cut off" anything from the 10DEM Austria below a specific height, like "under 3.000m" and place it over the 20DEM?

That way, if this works, we could save performance and data overhead in lower regions (which have no higher, edgy mountains) and just use the higher resolution data for the higher parts of mountains, exactly there where you see the biggest difference in the DEM resolution. Mountaintops, "Gebirgsketten", the relief towards the horizon, ...

Like, "cutting off the top layers of a cake and place them on top of a different one.

Could this work? Like filtering anygrid point of the DEM below a certain height, to save lots of work for specifying in detail where exactly the DEM10 should be uled like masking every singkle mountain or so.

fantastic thankyou. finally good quality DEM in msfs. i used Sonnys DEM in XP and so glad to have it back in the new sim

Thank you very much for your work, it is impressive. Is there a possibility that you can make Spain? Best regards.

Perfect, Danke, you are the best

Excellent, thanks for this! I had performance issues with 10m, frequent pauses of up to several seconds (all settings ultra, terrain LOD 200). Judging by the screenshots 20m will give good enough terrain resolution with hopefully better performance.

  • 1) How long until you do the whole world? 😀 jk
  • 2) Love this, thank you for all the work in Europe so far
  • 3) Any chance we can get some 10 vs 20 comparison photos in future iterations to see what fidelity we're losing by using 20m?

Thanks for these valuable additions! I see no performance impact and the benefits are readily apparent.

Will this work with the 10m installed at the same time?

A new DEM a day keeps us all here to stay.


Thanks a lot, my "not-so-highend-ish" rig is very pleased for this new version, too.

Is it possible you could do Switzerland in 10M? The 10M mesh looks a good bit nicer than its 20M counterpart. Thanks!

Thank you so much for your work! Could you have a go at the Faroe islands? Superspud built a great little airport there ( but unfortunately, the mesh that comes with MSFS is really poor there.






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