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Version 1.3.1
首发 May 23, 2021
最后更新 September 05, 2021
文件大小 8.34 MB
Downloads 115,085
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  • Version 1.3.1 September 05, 2021

    # Update 1.3.1
    * FIXED: Interactive Pushback Audio no longer repeats commands.
    * FIXED: Localization now also works when installing via add-on manager.
    * FIXED: Version number in manifest is now correct.
    * IMPROVED: UI slider elements now take up full width of add-on window.
    * IMPROVED: German and Portuguese localization updated.
    * ADDED: New translation contributors added to credits.
    * ADDED: Option to enable / disable the Nosewheel Lift Simulation.

  • Version 1.3.0 September 03, 2021

    # Update 1.3.0
    * FIXED: Adjusted door buttons (fwd, aft, cargo) for Project Mega Pack Airbus A321.
    * IMPROVED: UI window can now be resized to smaller dimensions.
    * IMPROVED: Add-On package data updated with thumbnail for the FS Content Manager.
    * ADDED: Interactive Pushback Audio for airliner pushback procedure (experimental).
    Note: Ground service comms phrases adapted for simulator use.
    * ADDED: Add-On now waits for tug to be connected when Interactive Audio mode is enabled.
    * ADDED: Localization (translated by community) for the following languages:
    Dutch, English (reference), French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish,
    Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish
    * ADDED: Credits for all translations by the awesome community. THANK YOU!
    * ADDED: New option for Audio added to UI Options Tab.

    ! Kudos to the awesome people who contributed their translations to Toolbar Pushback:
    Awesomeblack533 (Dutch), Pieter van 't Hof (Dutch), rmaure06 (French), DaStrobel (German),
    Maik (German), Picca (Italian), Ruben2097 (Italian), Papa (Norwegian), Maciej (Polish),
    Andre_sacheti (Portuguese), PreSuffix (Portuguese), Andrey (Russian), Alex G (Spanish),
    Antonio Blasco (Spanish), Bengt (Swedish)

  • Version 1.2.4 August 20, 2021

    # Update 1.2.4
    * FIXED: Sim Update 5 caused some fuel planner sliders to be hidden due to error in native simulator script (optionsListContent.js).
    * FIXED: UI buttons that were disabled could still be clicked after Sim Update 5.
    * IMPROVED: Catering truck will remain active until you dismiss the service.
    * IMPROVED: Baggage loader will remain active until you dismiss the service.
    * IMPROVED: Fuel truck will remain active until you close the fuel dialog.
    * IMPROVED: Stairs (ramp truck) now remain attached properly on all supported airliners.
    * IMPROVED: Pushback tug braking system has been revised.
    * IMPROVED: UI Tug Direction center line position corrected.
    * ADDED: New options for Ground Services added to UI Options Tab.

  • Version 1.2.3 July 27, 2021

    # Update 1.2.3
    * FIXED: Compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator version

  • Version 1.2.2 July 03, 2021

    # Update 1.2.2
    * FIXED: Rudder malfunction after ending pushback procedure.
    * FIXED: Version number in add-on footer.

  • Version 1.2.1 July 02, 2021

    # Update 1.2.1

    * FIXED: Processes that could have caused frame rate fluctuations.
    * IMPROVED: Overall performance of the add-on features.



How to install Toolbar Pushback?

Please follow these steps: 

  • Download the latest release of "Toolbar Pushback" 
  • Extract the zip file into the community folder 
  • Make sure the add-on folder name is ambitiouspilots-toolbar-pushback 
  • Check the README.txt in the add-on folder for further details 
  • Enjoy and happy pushbacking! 

Note: Make sure no other pushback apps are running, as this may interfer with Toolbar Pushback. 

Why is the Interactive Pushback Audio not working?


Make sure you start at a gate where a pushback tug is available. Also, when pushback is done and you've dismissed the tug, MSFS won't trigger another tug, depending on the distance you've moved away from the original gate. 

Simulator Audio Settings 

Ensure that in the general simulator settings the volume level for "Voices" is not muted. Move the slider to 100 and fine tune when the pushback audio is audible. 


In case it's still not working, check the README.txt in the add-on folder for further instructions. 

Experimental State 

The Interactive Pushback Audio is currently available only for airliners and the voices are in English language. As soon as this new feature is production ready, the audio will be translated and more features added. 

Can I disable the Interactive Pushback Audio?

Yes, simply disable the "Interactive Pushback Audio" option in the Options tab of Toolbar Pushback. This will make the add-on behave like it did before this new feature was added. 

Can I disable the Nosewheel Lift Simulation?

Yes, simply disable the "Simulate Nosewheel Lift" option in the Options tab of Toolbar Pushback. The Interactive Pushback Audio will adapt the voice commands accordingly. 

What if I found a bug or something does not work?

First check the FAQ to see if an answer to your question is provided already. Else please send the developer a private message with details and eventually a screenshot of the issue. You'll then receive a reply asap. 

Where can I send feedback or a feature request?
How to perform a clean install of Toolbar Pushback?

Steps to perform a clean installation of Toolbar Pushback:

1. Remove Toolbar Pushback from your FS Community folder 

2. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator and hop into a flight and close FS again 

3. Download the latest release of Toolbar Pushback and extract to your community folder 

4. Make sure the add-on folder name in the community folder equals: 

5. Run the !ENABLE_INTERACTIVE_AUDIO.bat file, located in the add-on folder 

6. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator and enjoy Toolbar Pushback 



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Toolbar Pushback has reached a wonderful milestone: one hundred thousand downloads! 

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he lifts me the airbus to the sky the 747 sometimes also .s stops very quickly at the start of the pusback he disconnects all alone and above all crashes me certain flight just after takeoff I hear the voice of the pusbaker 30 seconds after mom tak off and back to desktop. therefore uninstalled for the moment.


awesome Mod, only issue I'm having is with the CRJ. the mod doesnt register the Parking break being released when audio is turned on. and no matter if lift turned on or off the aircraft is lifted and it doesnt stop lifting until pushback is stopped

Awesome stuff! I also have pushback express but this is so much more streamlined to use and integrates into the sim so much better. I mean PBExpress has some nice features but without the integration. This has replaced the payware PBExpress!

Fantastic app, only thing is pushback stops before I am done. Usually have to call the tug back and finish.

This is fantastic must have addon. I love it. The only one point that I have here is, when Im pushing back, after few seconds, it stops by itself without my command. So, I can't go far pushing. Have you heard any "complain" about it? thank you so much.

Hello AmbitiousPilots. Im the author of the free A330-900. I noticed a bug with the nosewheel lift (the plane is lifted too high) but i dont know how to fix it. Can you send me a PM with detail ?

Thank you



8 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 AmbitiousPilots

Here is a very useful Addon that deserves the 5 Stars. I hope that one day, we will be able to put the voices of our language Example Frenc

777 being lifted up high is benn fixed ?



13 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 AmbitiousPilots

Nice work with this tool. Been using it with the A320. Works like a charm.

Hey! Just wondering if the baggage and catering trucks stay at the aircraft until disconnected? I know in the default sim they disappear after a short period of time, and was wondering if this add-on fixes that 😊

Moi dès que je l'utilise, j'ai un CTD systématiquement ....

Update 10/10/21: J'ai désactivé l'option de son et depuis plus aucun CTD, étant avec IVAO de toute façon c'est mieux 😊

hi mate, previous to the comment about the 777 being lifted up high the same happens to the new a330 900

Dear author. This tool seems to have a fixed sequence of operations. If you do not follow the correct operation, the call will not work. For example, the call is normal in the state of the aircraft cold storage. The call is normal after the ATC is turned on.. But when Finally, after requesting a taxiway with ATC.. The call voice of the push tool does not work.. I believe that many people do not know this operation procedure.. I hope to help after the report.



17 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 AmbitiousPilots

This is a must have for everyone playing the game. I just installed it yesterday and its the best download on this site. Great work on this.

during pushback the addon stop the pushback while i dont want help me

Thanks for a wonderful addon that is much used...I remember (maybe in a previous or other sim) there was a graphical interface where you could just indicate where on the taxi line you want your aircraft placed and in which direction it's facing...then hit go and forget about it. The tug would dismiss itself. That way you could concentrate on watching the engine gauges during startup instead of watching where you're going. Would something like that be possible in a future update?



22 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 AmbitiousPilots

Very helpful, thx!



23 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 AmbitiousPilots

Great toolbar. Is there anyway you can add a distance option to push back or something automatic where it will push you back and set you up on the taxi yellow line ready for taxing. I hope that makes sense. I am always getting interference from MSFS interferring and ending pushback in the middle of the road.



23 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 AmbitiousPilots

I absolutely love this add on! A must have; it makes the sim so much better, thank you!


Would it be possible for an actual animation of the driver showing the bypass pin?

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