Aircraft Enhancements #Real-Life Drag and Drop


Version 6.4
首发 November 21, 2021
最后更新 January 10, 2022
文件大小 159.17 MB
Downloads 36,866
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兼容性 Sim Update 7 已被证实.


24,203 | XI Commander

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FEATURE: Accurate vapor effects
🕛 Planned

估计的 31 Dec 2021
ISSUE: Tailhook does not react on handle click / hotkey press
✅ Finished

估计的 30 Dec 2021 » Reason: MSFS code issue Signs: tailhook does not move after you press related hotkey Workaround: restart the flight Partial solution: water rudder variable used to at least make handle work properly
ISSUE: Wrong performance values in plane description
❗ Investigating

估计的 26 Dec 2021 » Reason: unknown Signs: 10 000ft ceiling and 650NM range instead of 45 000ft / 1080
ISSUE: non functioning autopilot
⌛ On Hold

估计的 26 Dec 2021 » Reason: MSFS code issue Signs: plane often/always does not follow barometric or radar altitude, selected heading, TACAN bearing Workaround: not applied
ISSUE: wingfolding can't be triggered
❗ Investigating

估计的 26 Dec 2021 » Reason: unknown Signs: wings does not react on switch toggle
ISSUE: plane can't be controlled while on the deck of USS Enterprise
❗ Investigating

估计的 26 Dec 2021 » Reason: unknown Signs: plane does not react on controls or even engines thrust Workaround: restart flight, do not use carrier as departure location
ISSUE: ILS signal disappears
❗ Investigating

估计的 26 Dec 2021 » Source: unknown Signs: ILS indication disappears during landing approach
FEATURE: external fuel tanks
🕛 Planned

估计的 26 Dec 2021
ISSUE: wrong control surfaces animation
🕛 Planned

估计的 31 Dec 2021
🕛 Planned

估计的 31 Dec 2021

  • Version 6.4 January 10, 2022

    - fadeout hack removed as it also decrease rendering distance
    - elevator trim reset right after catapult launch
    - fuel valves/pumps automatic control
    *engine shutdown and flight end with Ctrl+Shift+E, throttles should be set to 0%*
    - catapult multiplayer support
    *airplane controlled by another player should have default pilot inside (not custom 3D model) otherwise script will not trigger crew/JBD animation*

  • Version 6.3 January 07, 2022

    - arresting wires support (arresting landing on runway or carrier without wires possible if no wires in 2km radius found)
    - low speed ground steering improved
    - exhaust trail suppressed if aerobatics smoke enabled (to decrease FPS drop)
    - aerobatics smoke disabled for parked F/A planes
    - beacon lights linked with strobe switch BRIGHT mode
    - front gear aligned straight during catapult launch

  • Version 5.4 December 28, 2021

    - combat simulation (details in description)
    - flight model adjustments
    - cameras GUIDs updated to avoid conflict with stock F/A-18

  • Version 5.2 December 23, 2021

    - controls effectiveness restored and improved
    - fixed tailhook issue when it can't catch cable if toggled by auxiliary method (water ballast variable)
    - surface test replaced with radio height limit (<10m) to interrupt arresting
    - tailhook lowered 0.2m to compensate it's small deployment angle

  • Version 5.1 December 22, 2021

    - autoflaps parameters adjusted - max (30°/40°) at 120kn, forced 0° at 240kn and higher
    - elevator trim set to 15° during launchbar connection, flaps to HALF (you can change them before launch)
    - South/West coordinates of manually added waypoint issue fixed
    - traffic planes visibility radius on HSI increased
    - RDR ATTK page with basic settings:
    range (5-40nm, other players range usually limited by 10nm as depend on graphics settings - if no model visible then it's stealth)
    width (20-140°, affect height and frequency)
    mode (scan/GACQ)
    silent (same as toggle radar)
    - HUD target designation, automatic LOCK in GACQ mode (AI planes has better accuracy)
    - formation fadeout fix (small LOD05, theoretically may shorten max visibility range)
    - aerobatics smoke quality and multiplayer visibility improved
    - toggle all lights key does not affect smoke switch
    - blinking HUD glass fixed (reflection of front glass material removed)
    - controls sensitivity decreased, elevator effectiveness increased in upper position

    Radar still in development, tutorial and manual with next update.

  • Version 4.4 December 14, 2021

    - Logo Light set as smoke trigger (possibly better multiplayer functionality)
    - longer smoke lifetime while aircraft on the ground
    - smoke switch fixed
    - arrestor gear and catapult effectiveness adjusted
    - generators output power increased, fuel pumps power consumption decreased
    - ILS (video tutorial and details in description)





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Amazing news! Carrier Ops script base functionality is finished and it ready for installation into any other MSFS aircraft. However, upgrade process is quite complicated, so you need advanced aircraft XML/CFG knowledge. If you never made MSFS aircraft or tweaks/mods before, your chances on successful upgrade extremely low (but still exists).

I am not making such upgrades on request, however you can ask for help if you have any troubles with it on tutorial page (no registration required, type email in comment form if you need discuss it privately).

Tutorial and technical details:

Demo of Carrier Ops installed on 3rd party aircraft:

p.s. Super Warrior project not finished yet 😊

In the latest version of MOD, it crashes when the catapult is ejected.

Link to the Swiss Solo display schedule, with a useful picture showing the hook lowered on the Legacy Hornet: a BIG angle:



2 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 TouchingCloud

Hi TouchingCloud,

I made this flight to practice and investigate the Combat simulation of the F/A18 Super Warrior, using a stable target, as you recommended.

With 256 Hits and 189 Misses, this should be more than enough for you to check that all works as expected!!!

Glass Cockpit Refresh Rate is set to HIGH, in Graphics settings.

See the details in the video's description...




2 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 TouchingCloud

Hey, I have uploaded another video with the correct landing method:

Check it out. I have mentioned and regarded you in the end of the video. Please watch until the end. I also posted the links of this mod in the introduction below the video so those who watch the video can be able to visit this page. I'd appreciate it a lot if you could subscribe me and click LIKES for this video. Hopefully, more people will see such outstanding developers as you and may come to play MSFS or visit in the long run. I hope what I am doing will drive more people interested in flying aircraft to play this game, which I think can be the compensation for paying nothing for this mod.



2 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 TouchingCloud

Must have if you like flying the F/A-18. Flying at low altitude over the terrain is so much fun!



3 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 TouchingCloud

I'll amend my comments to provide a bit more context and feedback.

As a level of simulation of carrier operations and immersion for that type of flying, this mod is necessary, and state of the art (as in, the best out there) in FS2020 for free or paid. Hard to beat the price/performance ratio of this mod. I do appreciate the carrier operations aspects of this mod and the Enterprise. It's extremely impressive, especially given that the plane came out like 2 months ago.

I previously wrote some comments about the flight model changes. 4 changes are listed (drag coeff, lift tables, yaw and pitch effectiveness changes, and probably more minor, a flaps logic change). Unfortunately, for my experience, the results were not as desired. I switched back and forth several times between the mod and the default plane and I found that holding on-speed AOA during the turn in resulted in a strong yaw oscillation during the turn at about 25 degrees of bank with the mod. This does not happen to me with the default plane, and only seemed to happen in the turn phase. Neither plane went into a stall in my flight, both indicated I was on-speed AOA. I'll agree that the default plane seems to stall, but I seriously did not have the problem described by TC. I suppose it's plausible that the on-speed AOA indication (orange donut) is incorrect somehow. Not really sure. My choice of words was probably unkind ("arcade"), and I apologize for that.

My recommendation would be to make flight model changes not be part of the mod, or rather, permit both default/original and your new one as you desire. I can copy files, but don't know where they are supposed to go. In a manner similar to how like Rotorsim and others have done various configs for the helo mods out there (H125, R44, etc) would be cool. My point being, I don't care for the flight model changes from my experience, and right now, the changes are coupled to other features I do appreciate. Certainly could be different experiences, but the end result is the mod is at present not very useable for me, which is a shame because I do like the carrier ops and other changes (sonic boom, vapor effects, etc etc). And this is the reason for my present rating.

Additional thoughts I'd love to see in the future would be to get waypoint editing working and even a basic stand-in for the FCS. I respect that the plane sets 15 degrees pitch up at hook up to the cat and resets at launch as it should, but without FCS, you have to go to the external view to see an approximate pitch setting, and therefore on a runway it sort of stinks to not have an FCS page. I'd "vote" for priority to be given to features like those which make a lot of sense in FS2020.



4 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 TouchingCloud

Hi TouchingCloud,

I have a question: in the video below at ~ 22:53, I keep having GUN crossed with XXX underneath, then I get 1 hit and 1 miss at the same time. What happened?


Its a joy flying this thing! And the Mach 1+ visual and audio effects are awesome! One question tho.. I cant figure out how to cut the fuel and to turn off the engines after landing. Not even turning off all electrical systems including the battery shuts down the engines. What am I missing? 😊

PS: Why is the Carrier Ops a required mod?

Everything are amazing. However, I cannot use HUD. It was able to use HUD few weeks ago. Is there way to fix it?

Hi since using this version I can't engage the autopilot?



6 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 TouchingCloud

Hey, I have already uploaded a video using your Super Warrior Mod to perform an arrested landing on the carrier. Here is a link:

I had planned to upload an ILS landing video. However, I failed to follow the steps in your descriptions to perform an ICLS landing. I watched your tutorial video but I could not get the ILS Frequency. Help me!

Any rough timeline on when external tank feature would come out?

im still using the first version that u created. ive tried to install the latest versions but "file path too long" keeps popping up when i drag it over into the community folder. is there a way to fix this? help

Many many thanks for your wonderful carrier operations. On my computer, there is no problem for catapulting, flying, and arresting with FA18 wings folded. The aircraft flies as if the wings were not folded. Is it possible to modify that to be more realistic ?



7 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 TouchingCloud

This v6.4 has the catapult crew and jet blast deflector animation triggered when other players use the catapult; unfortunately I was alone when I tested v6.4...

The flight model is now absolutely superb! The pitch up after catapulting feels right, the hook catches correctly, the aircraft is powerful and yet highly maneuverable. And this is the first time I see arresting cables.

What TouchingCloud is doing is just absolutely superb!

Anyone figured out how to open the canopy? Or have I missed it? Any help appreciated.

Hi, since the last update, the AB won't activate at full throttle like it was before ? Keep up the amazing work !



8 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 TouchingCloud

can we buy you a coffee with paypal? I dont want to use my CC

What's new in v 6.4 ?



8 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 TouchingCloud

Super Warrior v6.3, a Delight to Fly...

From "Top Gun" to "Mission : Impossible" Making the Impossible, Possible: Attempting to take off and land in Lukla, Nepal with an F/A18 Super Hornet, with Assistance Settings set to Hard, shown at the beginning of the video...

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