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City of Prague in photogrammetry (LOD 20) imported from Google earth. Color correction and sharpness have been applied for better visual viewing. Tested on Mid/High end PC (RTX2080 in 4K resolution) with smooth play. Update v4 includes the following actions: 1.  Extended to the west...


City of Prague in photogrammetry (LOD 20) imported from Google earth. Color correction and sharpness have been applied for better visual viewing. Tested on Mid/High end PC (RTX2080 in 4K resolution) with smooth play.

Update v4 includes the following actions:

1.  Extended to the west of Prague to fill up the gap between Prague Ruzyne International Airport (LKPR) and center of Prague

2. 100% compatible with Orbx LKPR Vaclav Havel Airport


(1) Remove all Prague files from your community folder

(2) Download all 5 files and extract them into community folder.

Prague was made on LOD20 with a better resolution and color clarity. It was optimized for better FPS and faster scenery loading. It should be FPS friendly on Mid/High end PC.

By the way, my 2nd photogrammetry scenery Budapest in LOD 20 is uploaded. Please visit  https://flightsim.to/file/25892/Budapest for download.

Also, my 3rd photogrammetry scenery Honolulu in LOD 19~20 is just uploaded. Please visit https://flightsim.to/file/26699/honolulu for download. 


I will try my best to keep this mod up to date for every MSFS update in the future. If you like this mod and want to offer me a cup of coffee, please click this link: https://www.paypal.com/donate/steveli
Thanks for your support! 
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December 11, 2021
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4.8/5.0 — 厉害!

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  • 更新至版本 3.5

  • 更新至版本 3.3

  • 更新至版本 3.2

  • 更新至版本 3.1.5

  • 更新至版本 3.1

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I am having a problem with compatibility with ORBX LKPR. I have tried changing the scenery order in Content.xml already, but it did not help.

Do you have any advice for that?

With this scenery pack, Prague finally truly looks like Prague, huge majority of the buildings in the covered area match their RL counterparts and are easily recognizable, and the sort-of odd uncanny valley-like feeling of being there yet not being there at the same time that i had with the default scenery is now gone. This scenery is a must have for anyone planning to do Prague sightseeing.

It must have been A LOT of work setting it all up, and i thank the developer(s). Fantastic job!

My only minor gripe is the (potentially unavoidable) performance hit. When i fly over the city center (especially Nové Město + right riverside), i did hit a few lag spikes, probably caused by the scenery loading.

At the time of my second MSFS install (i fell into the Steam verification trap), i didn't have enough free space on my SSDs, so the scenery loads from 7200RPM HDD instead.

Also it's fair to mention that i got somewhat non-standard PC where my 12th gen CPU is bottlenecked by outmatched GTX 1660 Super.

I think that the performance hits might be gone if i move the scenery to SSD/upgrade to RTX card.

I'd give it 4,5 stars, but the site behaves as if i haven't downloaded the mod yet. Don't know why, i've been flying around Prague since yesterday evening.

Thank you ...looks great.ANy chance the ground can be color corrected..have a blue color and sorrounding terrain green...

Thank you very much. Great work. 😊

Hi, for some reason this scenery is crashing my sim if used together with LKPR Orbx. Can you exclude area around airport in your scenery?

Is there any chance that you will add also the southwest part of the city? I will gladly support such an effort. Love the mode btw!

Great job i tried few time did scenery of Poland but always getting errors from google decoder -doing everythink like ok the films still errors...what you tube film do you recomend ...there is few ..but stiil no luck ..doing everything step by step as shows on films and still errors...

Hello, if I download this mod, only the file and not the folder will be downloaded.

Is there a solution to how this can be fixed, or how?

A very nice addition, thank you.

Hi! Awesome job! However, is there still something you could do with performace? It has vastly improve, but it's still pretty costly even for higher-end HW.

Great work. Wonderful improvements! Thanks!

Damn you went and made freeware so good that now somehow I'm throwing money at Orbx


Is the city compatible with Orbx Vaclav?

Seems like a section towards the south near the river, is missing. Downloaded all parts 3 times in case one or more were corrupted on download but same each time for me.

I've reverted to using the previous 5-part version.

Thanks for all your city addon contributions. They help to make MSFS the best flightsim ever!

Much better filenames now, thanks.

Also thanks for updating the manifest.json files, even if the one in Prague4 is not entirely consistent with the rest, but one can tell it is Prague anyway.

Download all 4 files (Prague1_v3.5 to Prague4_3.5) and extract them into community folder.

In your last upload there is only "Prague1_v3.5"

All following files "Prague2_v3.5" "Prague3_v3.5" "Prague4_v3.5" are likely missing

Did I miss something ?

Thank you


You'd best check your manifest files. prague_north_v3.1.5_dFGrq says that it is Hawaii!

Looks very good, but around the TV tower Žižkov probably the power has failed 😉. In any case, it looks pretty gloomy at night in this area. But I also have to say that I'm slowly losing track of your files, which is a pity, because your work is really quite excellent!

Great scenery but too many different versions and updates. It now takes more time to track all of this than to fly over it. Sorry. Consider issuing updates every two weeks or maybe once a month. Just my thoughts.

Possibly consider updating the manifest.json file to reflect the correct version numbers as well.


  • Version 4.0 February 16, 2022


    1. Extended to the west of Prague to fill up the gap between Prague Ruzyne International Airport (LKPR) and center of Prague

    2. 100% compatible with Orbx LKPR Vaclav Havel Airport

  • Version 3.5 February 03, 2022


    1.Add night light on major landmarks

    2.Reduced size on tiles DDS files

  • Version 3.3 January 21, 2022

    1. Add Prague_south2_v3.2 to extend Prague more to the south (Jižní spojka). The V Tower, Main Point Pankrác are covered.
    2. Prague_east is updated to v3.1 for tree color enhancement.

  • Version 3.2 January 21, 2022

  • Version 3.1.5 January 19, 2022

    v3.1.5: Color corrected on trees (removed bluish color) of Prague_north.for a better match with default surrounding areas.

  • Version 3.1 January 17, 2022

    1. Repaired the broken sport stadium.
    2. Modified the tree color in Prague central area so that it matches better with default surrounding.

    Note: The tree color is only modified in Prague central area. For North, East and South area, a following update will be uploaded.





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