Asobo Cessna Citation Longitude Flight Dynamics Modifications Project Version 1.84

#Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop


Version 1.84
首发 November 18, 2020
最后更新 May 28, 2021
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  • Version 1.84 May 28, 2021

    updates installation, resolves induced drag increase from FU4, increases steering angle at low speeds.

  • Version 1.83a March 10, 2021

    -Fixes omitted removal of ai.cfg reference in layout.json. Version name stays 1.83 for all other references.

  • Version 1.83 March 10, 2021

    -Restores compatibility with March 9 2021 Asobo update. The mod should work for all users once the Asobo update is installed.
    -Important note 1: As of the March 9 update, older versions of Working Title G3000 suite are not compatible with the default Longitude or with the modified version (I have not tested their most recent version). Revert to default avionics (remove Working Title G3000 modifications) until Working Title has an update available that is compatible.
    -Important note 2: Asobo have implemented a mach meter and mach hold setting indicator in the PFD speed tape. They have also fixed the Mach Hold functionality to work properly as altitude changes. These are welcome fixes / improvements. However, the barber pole in the speed tape is now further bugged and is now tied to the Mach meter transition speed (transition between True Airspeed indication and Mach). This is set to Mach 0.78 in the mod (0.79 in Asobo's latest update). This means that once transitioned to Mach readout above approximately Mach 0.78, your airspeed will be in the red. There is no clear fix for this other than doing away with the mach meter except when above Mmo overspeed (Mach 0.84). I've elected to leave this alone for now so we have a functional Mach meter and hope that Asobo will correct in a future update.

  • Version 1.82 March 05, 2021

    Fix restoring tail registration graphic for users who installed 1.81b after reinstalling the default Longitude. Should represent a stable version going forward and avoid this bug appearing in subsequent modification package updates.





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Yesterday's Update seems to have overwritten all the fine work dakfly had done as the sim has reverted back to most, if not all, the things it did without his modification. To get back what was working fine, time is needed for him to once again fix what Asobo and MSFT broke.

Few comments about the 'new stock version'. Will try with your mod later

Turning on ground not as good.

When tracking a course after a turn takes several minor changes to align properly

Really tedious landing gear warnings when totally not needed!

More comments later

After new update, anyone is experiencing problems with liveries? (Pink and gray squares)

What is the difference between both versions?

Using latest version 1.84 but cabin altitude is in error. Should be in 5000+ altitude when at FL450. It is well over 10,000. Anyway to fix this?

After my formating computer, I can not install 1.84 anymore.

Even I reinstall MSFS twice, Still I can not find 1.84 in airplane option.

each time I reinstall MSFS, I deleted Myapps/roming/Microsoftflightsimulator folder

Is there any good solution?

I was really happy fiy with this plane.

Any chance this'll be added to the community downloader? Feels like an essential addition! Great work, thank you for it.

Thanks for the Amazing work Darkfly0219. Any chance we can have the interior cabin modeled?

Trying to use this with NeoFly, its not able to be used I guess, not sure if I should install the OnAir version or if it just can't be used with NeoFly

Any program about continuing modding the airplane (as example the avionics and the systems)?

Any open doors version?

So i finally got that figure out. So now when in APP mode supposed to be enabled? Right before you intercept the ILS? I did just that and the aircraft totally flew right through the GlideSlope. Also not keeping the glidslope in the approach with the altitude.

Seem to have lost my altitude annunciation on approach (500,400,300,...) unloaded and reinstalled both standard Longitude and Mod. No change, any thoughts? I am using the Working Title G3000. Awesome mod by the way.

thank u so much for this

Hello, the exterior lights don't work.

But it works without your mod.

By the way the discord link is invalid

I just created a discard server for the longitude

Anyone having Auto pilot issues with the Garmin3000? THE FMS seems to be slow on following any flight plan. I entered the flight plan manually into the Garmin. Does this matter?

Got an issue. May not related to this mod but hope can find solution here.

After last majority of my longitude liveries lost their metal reflection. Anyone have has issue?

is the speed dial, knob not working in the MCP or is it just me? it seems to click and turn but no changes to the speed setting for the auto throttle.

UPDATE: Never mind I found out you have to switch it to MAN from FMS, feel so stupid.

Lights is not working.






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