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bulutyesilyurt Airbus A330-900neo
7 minute(s) ago

Thank you. I got it now 😊

bulutyesilyurt Airbus A330-900neo
8 minute(s) ago

Thank you. I got it now 😊

9 minute(s) ago

They are made for intelligent people.

That is true 😊

I've got planned few updates to the airport at some point, there's still few things I'd like to put there and I want to work on the runway cuz in reality it's gravel but when I was creating this one the sim forced asphalt runway and I could not get it changed to gravel... weird... anyway, happy u like it. Keep an eye on the updates at some point 😊

thanks, its a must in the area! pls, could you fix the lod issue?

24 minute(s) ago

Very nice aircraft, but one little thing: I think author used a bit more substance painter on the aircraft inside and outside than needed... 😀 Cockpit seems a bit unrealistic with these dirt effect and the seats shiny as a sun. SP have very good leather materials and you can make also the stitching effect. Just an idea.

yep, adding a node under ground and connecting them to be one will fix this lod isue

28 minute(s) ago

sorry, i don't know. I have the original download file in my community folder and it works for me.

as expected, good effort for the profile i enjoy it a lot still 😊

I love the paint neuroflight can't wait to get more of them

deejing VL3 915iS
32 minute(s) ago

The 3D model and small details also some cockpit stuff 😊 just compare that with the default VL3

indiscutablement, un must-have sur ce secteur!

Cet addon ajoute beaucoup d'éléments, il est indispensable quand on veut découvrir la région et quand on la connait!

j'adore tous les détails!

merci pour votre travail

35 minute(s) ago

I think it is too sensitive to the intensity of the wind, both on the taxiway and on the runway you can't keep it still, it seems made of paper.

36 minute(s) ago


Atkamen VL3 915iS
38 minute(s) ago

hi there, love such projects, the VL3 is one of the best UL's out there, underrated in the sim, my opinion. Can you tell us some details what has been changed besides of textures, propeller and livery? Physics? Interior? etc.? thank you!

38 minute(s) ago

I too have the same problem, maybe it is too sensitive to the intensity of the wind?

40 minute(s) ago

Parfait, merci beaucoup!

Sorry but I do not have time at the moment but it is still in my planning 🙂 It is the second file I will release in a few weeks so stay tuned.

flyercosmo Rotterdam
1 hour(s) ago

By far the best photogrammetry scene of Rotterdam. It's really perfect en beautifull. Very great area! AMAZING!!

Great profile. Includes everything one yould want. The only thing thats missing is pushback routes to the Tug realese points. If yxou include those it would be even better

1 hour(s) ago

Thanks a lot for your feedback and all the stars. I am not sure I have understood about India. The only thing and I just checked, India does not have 3D coverage in google maps 😞 so it cannot be done !

1 hour(s) ago

Long live the Queen of the Sky

Thanks for this !!

Cobra72 FlightShare
1 hour(s) ago

Hello ,

Why is it not indicated that this software is paid for in the description? 

Moreover this software became paid for without any prior warning, I had plenty of recorded flight plans that are lost now .

I would like to know how many people who used free FlightShare have designed a paid faith .


I think your new version is corrupt. Cause the .ini file start like that "[general]

nopassengerbus = 0

ignoreicaoprefixes = 0

ignorepreferredexit = 0

snapleftpushbackpos = 0


Usualy after [General] we have the "afcad_path = ..." and not this one. And no indication of the gate at first ?


1 hour(s) ago

Many thanks & Danke for Hamburg scenery!

May you be interested to work on sceneries for India? I am happy to suggest for it!

I used editing aircraft.cfg and removing ASX787 as well as using Kurorin's suggestion of using the ANA panel.cfg but that breaks it. Still doesnt work

2 hour(s) ago


How do you remove the aircraft's default tail number?

2 hour(s) ago

it fixes the registration but the screens go white and cannot be changed. What can I do?

EnjoyItFly Rotterdam
2 hour(s) ago

Génial, magnifique, bravo ! C'est top. En plus, tu m'enlèves un "todo" sur ma liste 😀 c'est de double effet kiss-cool ! 😀

2 hour(s) ago

Thanks for the livery. I would like to request you to return the cockpit to the normal airbus colours.

2 hour(s) ago

Hermoso buen trabajo le da buen ambiente pero podriar agregar helipuertos como el del Cima , Biblica entre otros para hacer mis vuelos de rescate XD

2 hour(s) ago

Which other addons are you using, anything enhanced like ground textures will more than likely crash

Will wings ever be uploaded as part of the kit? (for adding extra wing detailing)

2 hour(s) ago

Reinstall B78XH and Kuro 787, if that doesn't work, wait for an update

2 hour(s) ago

installer rerun should fix

2 hour(s) ago

Update your B78XH and rerun the installer.

2 hour(s) ago

No cabin model will ever be included due to some Asobo limitations.

2 hour(s) ago

HD787 has some issues with this. Go into the NAVRAD page on the FMC and ensure that your proper frequency/course is in. If it still doesn't work, reinput that information (you can find it by looking up ICAO RWY ILS chart (eg KORD 28R ILS chart) or, if in the US, find it on FlightAware.

2 hour(s) ago

Hi i wanted to modifiy LSZH GSX Profile how did you do the right assignments of the companys for the airlines to be at the right gates?

you have listed all your jet 2 repaints as for the 737-700 yet in description they are for 737-600