How’s the animated buddy and cargo loader, I’m interested to know if they disappear when close up. On my pc they do, but if I view at a different angle they come back. Strange

True that fixes it. Though when I turn them off the APU/Systems keep running.

Also, in the A320n I don't need to tamper with the center fuel pumps at all. Is that an actual difference between 320-330?

cool because I'm looking forward to it can't wait 😀

beautifull work !! thank you very much !!

question: is it normal that it blocks the ceiling at 35,500ft ?? The operationnal FL for that type of Airbus is 41,500ft.... (and yes, I was on STD pressure, so that wasn't the problem....and only 50% full fuel tanks too ). Thank you for sharing the link to add the type in Simbrief !!!! ;o)

Damn, I'm sad to hear that. It is not an issue for everyone. My testers had no visible impact on FPS, me too. I was testing in NY and in Boston for example. I optimize these effects as much as I can and I restrict the max number of effects in a specific radius so they won't overwhelm users' PCs. For now, all I can do is recommend to disable smoke effects by removing smoke-***.bgl files from my add-on. That should give you your FPS back.

I wonder if you have similar FPS drops from for example contrails. It might be a bug in the sim that causes it for your specific setup. Can you write down your CPU, GPU, and driver version? Would be good to compare it to others that may have a similar problem and then pass it to Asobo.

Sorry for causing you issues.

same for me, when I started on the runway it would take any throttle

It's present in the default TBM. Not a problem of your mod.

Very pleased with detail and attention to detail you worked on to create Gatwick airport for all us streamers, amazing job and I love it myself

Soon. It was supposed to be released before Region 2, but because of SU6 release, I had to switch them. Hopefully, it will be released this month and will have a lot of new things. Compared to Region 2, where we have 105 cooling towers, here we will have... 1900 😊

Been eying up Luton...I think I can cover the whole area.. got lots of requests, works in progress.. I'll try squeeze this one in..

The H135 is one of my favourite equipment. But since sim update 6 above 70 kts the helicopter is vibrating like hell! I hope this can be fixed soon.

It's exist in default TBM930? Or only in mod?

Hi, Remove KLGA from scenery\andres folder.

This happens if you have your fuel pumps off

Correct, but when you release the break with motor OFF the beeping still there

Hello, and thank you for this mod. I love it however I have some issues:

  • REFUELG is displayed on ECAM and have a refueling hose visible about 10 feet below left wing. If I restart flight, it shows back up.

  • For some reason, It is climbing WAY to fast. Had a TOW of about 430,000 lbs, and I was climbing at 5500 Ft/min to allegedly keep 250 knots.

  • I am get flaps/MCDU disagreement even when flaps are in correct position. I have tried multiple startups to see if it is consistent and it is.

I love this mod and hope this feedback helps. Please keep up the good work!

Got in and it looks like it doesn't work with ORBX London. Eek! I'll send you images of how it looks for me. Oh, yeah, I also have the updates installed. Could that be an issue?

Thank you so much! You did it!

Looks great!

I cant get rid of Heathrow Premium Deluxe version any more. The Heathrow Airport selection in the content manger used to be there, but its no longer there. I cannot delete the project folder in one store either, tried file ownership etc etc. completely blocked out. Theres no way i can remove the Premium delux version. I tried deleting Delux content, about 2 GB, but Heathrow Premium is still there

This is a nice add on. Was able to get it to work with SU6 although I couldn't get it to work with SU5.

hi when is version 0.5 for region 1 coming?

Yeah I will have to fly the replay a number of times with one scenery at a time loaded I think.

¿Cómo se descomprime? me aparece como not installed en el content manager

I love your work. Thank you so much. It would be amazing if S50, Auburn Muni and KPLU Thun Field would get your touch....

didnt Update the sim yet will check out soon

SU6 has caused parking break to give constant warning that cant be muted and also the artificial horizon doest show attitude degrees

Odlično! Bi mogoče lahko naredil scenery za LJMS (Murska Sobota) Prosim!

Jetways look to have been fixed in the latest sim update!

Great Mod and is it possible for Dev or EXP for this mod? i know updates is constantly

Works great other than the Battery switch CTD. Just can't use the mouse wheel to flip the switch and its fine.

For me, is it working perfectly. I have Fly By Wire A320Neo too, its similar.

The 20.6 update (SU6) seems to have introduced a conflict that blocks out Photogrammetry when using this mod. The game loads correctly, the replacer tool connects and downloads tiles but any Bing photogrammetry area gets demoted to Sat+Autogen. Anyone have a fix for this?

great program all works but none of the gps buttons work in game. any ideas