Dave you're a total genius! What a great looking aircraft. OK so I've always loved it, around it a lot in Switzerland and since preserved around the world, and this is a fantastic modelling. I've spent a lot of time in 'my hanger' already closely looking around and the attention to detail is wonderful. Took her out to Interlaken, for some photos against the mountains, as you will know, home of the Swiss air force repair facilities for the MK58s in years gone by. One crashed into the Rugen hill near the end of the runway many years ago sadly killing the pilot. Not being a very good pilot I don't quite know how I might make her a little less sensitive (for my own useless flying) and for a short moment I felt sad I couldn't change the aircraft call sign. But you've got to be congratulated Dave. Big time! Thanks for making the sim tons more exciting. Aeroplane Heaven are doing similar for me with their DC3 in November!

Thank you very much! Enjoy this mod! 😊

My guess as to why it's marked "NSFW" is for users in Germany, as the Nazi swastika is legally banned from being displayed there. The following Wikipedia article has more details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bans_on_Nazi_symbols.

Hi, nice airport but cannot fly out of it due to low FPS.Could you please optimise it.FPS drops to 9 fps with I9900k and RTX2070 super 32 GB ram this is the only airport that is causing this problem for me sorry to say.

I deleted the files from version 0.8 and unzipped the new version and moved it into the community folder. But the airport doesn't changed from the standard asobo airport and on the map is also not shown that the airport is customized (little wrench symbol is missing). I checked the folderstructure twice so i don't know what is wrong.

abit of swaying to maintain centerline on NAV mode to follow route, maybe because of the wind. Did a full flight in VATSIM. All good. Planning of flightplan is abit hard because of the small console on the bottom haha. In VATSIM apparently the ICAO code is GLEX, cant find GL6T.

I fly with the Xbox controller (on PC)

This is amazing and very practical. One option that is used very often during pushback and engine start is the Packs Off/Packs AUTO feature. I'd like to be able to assign the PACKS OFF/AUTO to the ANTI-ICE button in the HC Bravo, but only find and event and not at script. How can I create a Script from an EVENT? Thanks in advance

How can you have a registration as a real ITA plane if they don't seems to have any 737 in their fleet? the EI-DTE is a registration for an Airbus A320

Nice livery, but the tail graphics doesn't seem to be the same as the real planes (angle seems to be not parallel to the italian flag, and scale seems bigger), and are clearly low resolution too. Hope you could do a fixed version.

Since the F18 update by Microsoft/Asobo ~ 2 months ago, you MUST set the following:

- Assign a button for SET NOSE WHEEL STEERING TO LIMIT. Pressing that button will have 2 modes for steering the aircraft on the ground: NWS and NWS HI

- Set a NOSE WHEEL STEERING AXIS to the rudder. Sometimes, you need to reverse the axis, for some reason.

- and to disable NWS/NWS HI, you must set a button for TOGGLE G LIMITER. This is a weird name, I know, but this is the way we have to! Note that if you press the button for TOGGLE G LIMITER for any other tricycle aircraft, the nose wheel will be locked in your current flight!!! So, set a new controller profile just for the F18 (and the Super Warrior, which is an improved F18).

You MUST keep the default F18 for the SW to work.

I hope it helps!

Another excellent product from the GotFriends team, congrats! Just a couple minor items of note:

  1. Animation of water ballast dumping is barely visible for me, compared to, say, the As33. I wasn’t sure if it was working at all until I opened the valve while stationary on the ground and then there’s a faint animation.
  2. The tow cable is occasionally visible inside the cockpit when connected to an AI tow plane. Seems OK with the winch.

I would love to see the video when you are finished.

Is there an error with the mod? Neither the carrier nor the f18 pops up in game for me, and I added all files into the community folder. Please help!!!

No, you must keep the default Asobo F18.

I don't know why you have a CTD.

Can you please explain what actually don't work? The best way to fix the problem would be to create a ticket on our discord .if you have my discord we can also try it here. Greetings your virtualFRA team

Hey 👋!

Thanks for your comments! I’m updating my list with your suggestions!

Perfect example of a great livery. Keep up the nice work

Hallo. Sobald ich den Mod in den Community Ordner lege und einen Flug starte, egal mit welchem Flugzeug, bekomme in einen CTD. Muss ich den originalen F18 von Asobo löschen? Nein, oder? Jemand ne Idee?

I love the two new handcrafted hangars. Can't wait for the rest to be finished soon, too. EDHK plus extended scenery ist one of the most beautiful sceneries in Germany I have seen so far. Thumbs up!

Very nice! Would you consider working on Thiene Airport? It's near Asiago and in the sim is not good.

This is such an amazing app you made, was wondering if you can find announcements of Tunisair or Nouvelair (both are Tunisian Airlines) can you add them, Thanks alot!

Having a hard time getting the f18 along with the carrier to pop up in mfs, i have the pz61 carrier, crew, f18, and moving and static test carriers in my community folder and its still not showing in game.

Having a hard time getting the f18 along with the carrier to pop up in mfs, i have the pz61 carrier, crew, f18, and moving and static test carriers in my community folder and its still not showing in game.

that's annoying, probably due to the mesh updates in WU10. Unfortunately I won't have my desktop to fix it for several months at least. But thanks for letting me know

Hey, I don't know why but version 0.9 doesn't work for me

oh completely forgot! our KineticAssistant tool (both freeware and payware versions) has groundhandling feature for gliders - it's like people push you in the direction where you point by the stick, rotate as well. Stupid solution but you can use it for carrier taxiing 😀

Try re-downloading the livery. I just downloaded it and it works fine for me

I've said this on numerous platforms, but what MechanicalMadness has done here is nothing short of phenomenal. Amazing work dude.

De rien... c'est pas fini ! (Je ne sais pas si ça sera fini un jour)

Will this version on flightsim.to once downloaded, work on the XBox or do I need to wait and purchase from the main marketplace in MSFS to use the premium version for XBox?

Can I also use the freeware liveries or must they also be deleted when downloading the Premium version?

Hi, nice program, what settings should I use on the sim?

the traffic must be set to "Ai offline" "off" or "real time online" or what? and always in the option page in Data you have to select live real-word air traffic, multiplayer or what?.

Is there the possibility of loading the sim and that it places in the groud the airplanes that are reported in "on groud" in flightradar24?

I noticed that in taxiing the plane moves about 40/50 meters, that is, in the taxi and taxiing operations the plane is placed in jerks, one csatto and then stopped for tot. seconds, then moves on the runway a little further and so on until take-off or the parking gate.

Another question, sorry but I like your mod and would like to use it as best as possible.

for example I would like to see the new Alitalia liveries, this is an example, https: //www.flightradar24.com/ITY1435/2c64918e how do I match this aircraft to the livery for example https://flightsim.to/file/25535/ a32nx-ita-airways-real-livery?

Sometimes in the error box it gives me an error like this: time + create_object_failed.

What does it refer to and how can I solve it?

Thanks for any help and thanks to precind for this fantastic mod, that if one day it can have the way that the airplanes do not move jerkily, that they are moved by the push-back tractor before the taxi taxi and that they remain visible then in the gate it will certainly be a mod that for my part will also receive 60 euros

Will this version on flightsim.to once download, work on the XBox or do I need to wait on the main marketplace in MSFS to use the premium version for XBox?

Can I also use the freeware liveries or must they also be deleted when downloading the Premium version?