Some of the Jet ways are not connected to the terminal buildings , i dont know if its an issue with the latest MSFS update

Like this very much, was physical there 2 years ago, very realistic scenery

Yep, and also introduced some interesting new "bugs" into the game too that we're having fun "discovering" as we work on updating the Raptor.

When will this be compatible with SU5?

strange its literally only gatwick ultra or this version thats causing the ctd for me, performance version works fine

Hello, after the latest MSFS update the apron lights are showing as control towers

Is it possible to fix?

Yes seen that earlier after i posted my comment. It appears to be the main PFD that suffers with the mod, the FMC works grand but nothing changes on the screens above. Plenty of bugs unfortunately

Just FYI , your files don't work anymore after the SU5.

This mod needs an update to be compatible with game version GX3 is already updated but on this plane its screen is just black

21 for me . you will never sleep again

Same here - main airport building not showing.

I also have this problem. Two runways and a huge drop off... I really want to fly here 😞

Hi, I was wondering if you knew of this version or if the was a reason you made this one. here's the link for anyone who's curious. https://flightsim.to/file/3242/kemt-el-monte-airport-san-gabriel-valley-airport

I’ll buy you 10 coffees if you can fix it.

I love the plane but I got a lockup when I tried it in SU5.

Thanks for letting me know I missed that one. I’ll have a look at getting it added.

If you know of any others please let me know and I’ll see about getting them added in.

This sees to not work in SU5 update. Is there a fix for this? I had an instant lockup when I tried the mod.

Feel free to post one or more screenshots to the User Gallery here showing how you put the flags and windsocks to good use in your scenery.

So far no issues observed, but still appreciate a crosscheck plus alignment with the new WorkingTitle G1000 NXi mod.

Which liveries have been resolved?

Hello, would just like to report that the airbridges became broken after Update 5 😞

Not to worry this isn't your fault, but hoping there will be an update soon.

Wow, thank you very much!! 😁 If that is the case, I recommend to buy it directly from FlyingIron Simulations itself. The MSFS Store version is missing the Hispano Cannons 👍

works fine for me, although i just CTD over Australia. so its probably asobo related

voila c'est fait.... bon petit soucis avec la nouvelle version de msfs mais plus d'arbres en approche normalement....améliorations à venir

Fantastic! There's about a minion bales of grass on the field IRL currently. Maybe you could add them LOL.

With SU5, The engine monitoring on the avionics is not functioning while using the WT mod. Works on the stock vl-3 so I would guess there's an issue with the mod. Not a complaint, just wanted to let you know about a possible bug. Thanks!

No, the app uses a tcp connection over the local network since Bluetooth has a much greater latency and tcp is a lot easier to set up.

Yes, currently it can only connect to one device however I have thought about looking into multiple connections. For now you might be able to get around this by starting two instances of the server and connecting each tablet to one of them (I have not tested this).

Please Mugz ! update to SU5 ! the best addon ever !

Known issue! Sorry! There is a fix on the way!

as it is a conversion are the switches in the cockpit usable

since sim update5 most of the buttons doesnt work..waiting for update

i love the old livery series is like the rikooo 747-8 retro liverys for MFSX plus edition

The ones with changeable regs need no changes.

I've updated N233CL and N55BS (custom registration versions). Those are "additional files" however so I can't send notifications for them. What I've changed is the panel.cfg; the old way of configuring it to remove the registration results in an inability to do a cold+dark start. Instead you have to configure it a different way. If you want to know more DM

OK! I haven't updated my sim yet but I will look at it when I do! Thanks! I'm sure I will have to fix a lot of things due to the update.

Excellent work! I have two tablets on my home cockpit and noticed that the first one connects fine but the second one doesn't give me an option to Start Flight. Is there a limitation where you can only use one tablet at a time? I would like to have the PFD on one and the MFD on the other. Thanks!

Since the last game update the APU switch no longer works