ITALIAN ALPS 20m DEM - High Resolution Terrain Elevation Data from LIDAR Imaging

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Version 1.2
首发 May 18, 2021
最后更新 May 24, 2021
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  • Version 1.2 May 24, 2021

    Changes v1.2:

    * Repaired issue with Dolomites 10m DEM

  • Version 1.1 May 21, 2021

    Changes v1.1:

    * Added 10m DEM for the Dolomites. Use at your own risk of stutters.
    Despite 10m of resolution, the beauty of the Dolomites is still not fully represented. It is partly due to the bad satellite images. Once Asobo or a 3rd party updates Sat Images of the area, I might consider doing an even higher resolution mesh.

    Fixes for Issues and/or 3rd party incompatibilities:
    * Fixed Verona photogrammetry
    * Fixed LOCH Locher
    * Fixed LIPB Bolzano
    * Fixed LIDT Trentino Caproni
    * Fixed LIDA Asiago
    * Fixed LIMW Aosta

  • 已启动 May 18, 2021






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thank you very much for the mesh!!! 😊 hope to see the himalayas in the near future as well

im new to most addons, but where do these files go ? community folder ?

I'm using all of your mods, and I'm seeing a lot of these errors on the italian/swiss border.

Is there anything I could do to fix it? Thanks.

edit: Correction. I'm seeing the same thing across Switzerland too.

Grossartig, die Berge sehen super aus.

Bin nach einem Flug zufällig in LIYL (Aviosuperficie San Felice) gelandet und habe festgestellt, dass dieser Flugplatz nun in einem Loch ist.

Können sie das in einem kommenden Update eventuell korrigieren?

Dann hab ich noch eine eventuell dumme Frage: Wenn ich die beiden Ordner vorübergehend aus dem Community Folder entferne, habe ich dann wieder die Originaldaten vom FS2020 oder wurden diese durch die Installation ihrer Höhendaten verändert?

Amazing job! With this, the Alps looks much better for sure! Still, not the perfect quality for certain reliefs, but compared to the stock Bing data available at the moment, yours is on another level! If possible, there is a little terraforming issue in an airstrip very near to the Italian Alps, which i think can be easily solved by your side. Can i tell you more via PM?

Looks like exactly identical to "Italydem" posted a few months ago. same resolution but this only alps. same problem as the "lod" loaded when you're very close.

hello very nice! I just wanted to point out a large strip of land ... like a hole in the north 15 or 20 miles from the 3 peaks of lavaredo on the border between italy and austria ... maybe you can remove it ... thanks !!!

Thank you for your excelent and continous work for the community. Enjoy a strong coffee 😊

Vielen Dank für das Updaten der Dolomiten mit höherer Auflösung.

Allerdings sehen die Drei Zinnen jetzt aus irgendeinem Grund weniger überzeugend aus als mit der 20 Meter Variante. Die Kleine Zinne ist seltsam mit der Großen Zinne verwachsen und der Großen Zinne hat man ein Stück aus dem Gipfel herausgebissen.

Fantastic work!

Do you have more datas for Monte Bianco? Some iconic peaks are missing yet, like the Dente del Gigante (Dent du Geant). It would be great to have a separate directory like Dolomites.

Amazing work, also thanks for updating the Mesh of reported Airports 😊

E.g. Verona photogrammetry is deleted by the mesh and now flat like a pancake.. Nevertheless 5 stars!

Wunderschön, aber am Flugplatz Lido Venecia (LIPV) falle ich in ein Loch... 5 Sterne gibt's trotzdem, weil das ein Problem ist, das wohl alle Mesh-Szenerien eint.

Hi, thanks for the work you are doing. I tried to check Sassolungo and Pordoi and unfortunately they don't coexist. You should agree with whoever made the scenarios. For Italy it would be interesting to include the area of the Apuan Alps as a completion.

In Austria I uninstalled those at 10 meters because they were too heavy for my PC. Now I have tested the 20 meters in the same area and conditions and they are ok. Thanks again.

What happens if italyDEM by sprightlyoldman has been previously installed and I add this DEM ?

Would it be nice to know how the range of your elevation models is formed? So what are the limits? Could map images be obtained of the area covered by the elevation models?

This would make it easier to outline in your own simulator what modeling is available anywhere.

Thank you very much for the great elevation models. I already have DEM 10 in Austria, DEM 20 in Slovenia and DEM 20 in Switzerland installed.

Today I will install 20 DEM in the German Alps, 20 DEM in the Italian Alps and 20 DEM in Slovakia!

If you could hope for anything, then the rest of Italy and even the Canary Islands (this should be within 10 m).

It’s great that Troglodytus makes these add-ons a lot!

Awesome!!! I love you for this work!!!

Will these mods show up with a star on the menu map? I would love to install ALL of your mods but it’ll be easier to know where exactly in the world they are in so I can do a flight plan near them 😊. Sorry for my bad english.


Great work : many thanks

You wrote "As it stands, the famous Matterhorn mountain, seems to be the only mountain not represented realistically, what a shame. I think this is due to a very distorted generic mesh and will take an additional DEM to fix it"

Did you try with or without his addon : ?






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