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Version 1.1
首发 December 28, 2020
最后更新 April 08, 2021
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#Experimental Exclusive Drag and Drop

This is a conversion I did of the FSX default 737. Please enjoy her, it was a ton of fun to make and fix this old gal!


This aircraft is BY NO MEANS perfect or usable for realisic flights and operations. The cockpit is unclickable, and avionics barely work in an unrealistic way.


- Engines might not start (Newest update issues)
- Wingflex may not be present
- Cockpit is not currently interactive
- Avionics are broken
- Textures aren't great

Aircraft converted with LegacyImporter.

Thanks for taking a look. If this is against any rules or anything please let me know so I can remove it! 

FSX and MSFS © Microsoft Corporation. Alec's 737-800 was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Flight Simulator X and Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.  



  • Version 1.1 April 08, 2021

  • 已启动 December 28, 2020



151 评论
  • ba747
    10 day(s) ago
    please do this for other planes
  • Maxi2554
    12 day(s) ago
    Please Convention the b777
  • Andrei7YT
    14 day(s) ago
    Hi,if you want to put the bredok 737 cockpit in this aircraft it would be amazing
    • Mr1x
      11 day(s) ago
      Im not sure, but I think he isn't allowed to do that.
    • Legin
      8 day(s) ago
      Also the bredok 737 is a terrible the last time I checked.
    • Skywolfe94
      7 day(s) ago
      Me too Legin ... the last time I flew the breik3d the B737 was horrible
  • Travelographer
    19 day(s) ago
    thanks for the work! It's still certainly a work in progress but I'll be looking out for when it has a working cockpit and then I can't wait to fly it
    • Alec
      19 day(s) ago
      Coming soon
  • Visyxl
    23 day(s) ago
    Engine's don't work 😞
  • papinou57
    27 day(s) ago
    you had the merit of trying but why have you put it online so early it harms you😌
    27 day(s) ago
    😔Pls Fix The engines when i had it, it was broken
    • Operation7500
      25 day(s) ago
      No, I think that was deliberately done because you know...737 Max has a reputation of crashing and stuff. So I think he just tried to show how badly the 737 functions. I mean I'd do the same
    • T4KETHAT
      18 day(s) ago
      So should I download older version because I installed the newer one
  • papinou57
    27 day(s) ago
    funny and very bad
    • Operation7500
      27 day(s) ago
      Just like your name "papinou57", that's also funny and very bad
    • T4KETHAT
      27 day(s) ago
      dang he got toasted
  • wiesya1607
    27 day(s) ago
    thanks, keep it up @Alec, good work😊
  • mattc92
    28 day(s) ago
    bruh hahaa
  • Alec
    28 day(s) ago
    Version 1.1 just mainly brings a super small update to Max Gross Weight. Not sure if it works yet, as I don't have access to test right now. That's why the old version is still available, please let me know if the new one doesn't work!
  • Alec
    28 day(s) ago
    Also please note. I am renaming the project from "FSX-Converted-737-800-WIP" to "FS737 Project". I have also made it available for non-members to download 😊

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