Tallahassee International Airport (IATA: TLH, ICAO: KTLH, FAA LID: TLH) is a city-owned airport five miles southwest of downtown Tallahassee, in Leon County, Florida. It serves the state capital of Florida, and its surrounding areas; it is one of the major airports in north Florida, the others being Pensacola International Airport, Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport, and Jacksonville International Airport. Despite its name, it does not yet service any international destinations.

The airport covers 2,485 acres at an elevation of 81 feet. It has two runways: 9/27 is 8,000 by 150 feet and 18/36 is 7,000 by 150 ft. Helicopter operations are generally confined to the Runway 18/36 area, or direct approaches to the Million Air FBO ramp area.

The terminal has two concourses, A & B. Delta Air Lines utilizes Gates B1 and B3, American Airlines uses Gates A1, A3, and A5. Silver Airways utilizes Gate A4. United Airlines utilized Gate B6 when it offered United Express flights to Houston-Bush Intercontinental Airport which was discontinued on Oct. 1st, 2021. The airport began as Tallahassee Municipal Airport with a ceremony on April 23, 1961. The flag of the United States was presented to the City of Tallahassee by Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, World War I fighter ace and Chairman of the Board of Eastern Airlines. An aerial demonstration was performed by U.S. Army aircraft from Fort Rucker, Alabama. Tallahassee Municipal replaced the city's first airport, Dale Mabry Field, which closed that year.

From the airport's opening until the early 1980s, the airport's primary runway was Runway 18/36, a 6,076-foot runway with an ILS approach, enabling all-weather approaches, and a USAF certified High TACAN approach for practice by Air Force aircraft based at Tyndall AFB, near Panama City. Runway 9/27 was 4,000 feet long and supported general aviation operations. By the 1970s, the airport had scheduled flights on Eastern Airlines, Delta Air Lines, National Airlines and Southern Airways, mainly on Boeing 727s, Boeing 737s and McDonnell Douglas DC-9s.

By the 1980s the terminal was becoming obsolete, and the 6,100 foot runway was too short for the Boeing 757 and Boeing 767 coming into service. Runway 9/27 was converted to a taxiway and a new Runway 9/27, 8,003 feet long with ILS, was built just to the south. A new passenger terminal was built just north of the new runway. On December 3, 1989, the city opened the $33 million terminal, and on February 20, 2000, the terminal was renamed the Ivan Munroe Terminal in honor of Tallahassee aviation pioneer Ivan Munroe.


  • Fully handcrafted models
  • PBR texturing
  • Custom ground textures
  • Working Instrument Landing systems 
  • Improved city landmarks - both hospital helipads for TMH and CRMC


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Disk Space: 811 MB


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January 04, 2022

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5 day(s) ago / 感谢的是 StealthyDuck

HONEST REVIEW: Tallahassee Int

I bought this from Ducks website for just under £10, and boy, I am picky when it comes to airport scenery and in this case, from the screenshots and some rudimentary discovery of the addon, the in game default scenery and checking out the scenery in Google Earth, I see some issues people have (I think it came out more expensive initially) I hope this "Review" might help this fledgling addon maker going forward.

  1. Comparing the addon scenery to the real world:

A lot of work went into getting the scenery true to life, as in the buildings that should be there are there and are represented decently here, the main building now has a cark park, whereas the default scenery didn't have this at all. On the whole I am happy with this, it looks, feels and resembles Tallahassee Int as you would expect it to so a good 5 stars for realistic building placement.

2 . The buildings:

You can tell a lot of work went into making the buildings true to their real world counterparts. Everything that should be there is (or seems to be) there. So I can't find fault here, great job all round.

3. The textures:

Here's where it all falls down, but firstly they're not as bad as some other addon developers that shall stay nameless, that churn out dozens of sceneries which follow real world buildings but have the lowest resolution, smudged, pixelated hellish lazy FSX port textures (you know who you are and shame on you) The textures by and large a crisp, decent resolution and aesthetically fit the real world counterparts, however, there's still some work to do here.

Sure they get a pass, but I noticed some clipping, texture flickering here and there and just general areas for improvement going forward.

The main building is ok-ish, however the windows (everywhere) are deviod of any reflectivity, we have dull, bland texturing with no transparency or reflective shading that takes away from the addons potential and I would like to see this updated in the future.

Some of the textures are "tearing" by this I mean the UV's are out of bounds and makes them appear to stretch leaving ugly diagonal stripping effect. This can easily be fixed up by making the conform to their UV placement.

The textures on some of the featured buildings seem too new. Like toytown new, and a little wear and tear would be nice here so they blend better with the other buildings that seem to have "weathered" or are using default? Also there's two triangular holes in the house building you can actually see in one of the main screenshots here advertising the addon, they should not be there and you can see right through the holes behind.

By and large the addon is definitely worth the ten dollars, it is Tallahassee but a little more texture and UV work, a bit of wear and tear here and there would easily make into a 5/5. I am not going to give it a score, that would be unfair at this stage of the developers foray into the scenery scene, but the final test Duck passes fully.

  1. The runways, lights and taxi ways

This would be a 5/5 not only for the signage, lighting etc but the main test of whether the ai copilot can use the runways and taxi ways, something a lot of developers get wrong, there's nothing worse than telling the copilot to taxi and take off for them to go screeching at 90 knots into the forest. The copilot used the taxis way all the way to the runway and took off and we waved goodbye to Tallahassee and went on our merry way to Jacksonville. I was pleasantly surprised and so Ducks Tallahassee get a thumbs up, not bad for one of his first sceneries and they can only get better with experience. Well done Duck.


I like the little addon, just check out those small texture issues and you'll be good, get some reflections on those windows, maybe even have a few people standing around. Fix the UV's and flickering on some (a couple I saw) window and door frames, and beat the buildings up a bit if you can. I know the guy over at LTVR updates from time to time, don't take criticism too hard and move forward. I look forward to other Florida addons, I mean, Orlando and Palm Beach are up for grabs, get in there. Good luck and thanks for Tallahassee, for me it's a keeper.

I fly in Florida all the time, apart from LTVR Miami and KFLL there really isn't any addons worthy of buying for the airports, I am not going to waste my money on anything by mercenaryscenerybuilders which really really suck.

When I saw this I thought awesome, there's hope for us Floridians, as I would like to see all the airports done properly, all of them. The Sarasota addon (payware) is also an awesome addon and of course Key West, but all the others need love, especially Palm Beach, Orlando ap's and Tampa etc, so...

The problem I have with this addon is the textures look (some of them) cartoonish? Like lego buildings and don't have any wear and tear? If you can make it look more realistic instead of toytown I would support you guys and but this addon. Just my 5c.

I fly through this airport quite often. Like others have said, its a little pricey for the texturing. It appears a great deal of work has gone into this. For now, I plan to keep this on my wishlist.

Too Much $$$ for relatively unknown

Yes this is quite pricey for the quality of texture work... I can get flightbeam, gaya, fsdreamteam and other well established developers for same price...need to lower the price considerably

Great airpot . Awesome attention to detail. worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!!!. Can't wait for them to do more airports. i have bought a lot of airports on here and i think theses guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!.Highly recommend.

Not even worth $10 to be honest.

Most of the freeware on here is of higher caliber than this.

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